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The Streaming Media Service is a facility which permits its users to upload video (in Digital Video format) and audio (in a choice of formats). It then converts that input into a user-selected set of formats suitable for streaming or downloading.

Access to downloads can be world-wide or restricted to the University at the uploader's choice. Other than that there is no restriction on download users. Upload users must be registered and access is usually restricted to staff.

To upload material, or view media marked as visible only within the University, you must log in.
This will redirect to Raven and verify that you are a member of the University.

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Songs from Gcig sgril County

Songs and Traditions from Laya

  • 18. Aulay

    Voice: Damchoe of Tongra village
    On the 15th day of the 9th month of the Bhutanese lunar calendar (around October) the community holds a special festival called Aulay. It is held...

    Created: Sun 14 Feb 2016

  • 17. Excitement at the target

    For a few days the valley resounds to the shrieks and howls of the victorious archers.

    Created: Sun 14 Feb 2016

Namyi Collection

Cambridge Service Alliance

Newnham Roll-Mums 2015

Yari Aso Collection

  • 15. Track 15

    Voices: O Skyes
    This is a story song in Ajyid Village in Dzogi County, Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province.

    Created: Thu 11 Feb 2016

  • 14. Track 14

    Voices: Mchod Tren
    This is a persuasive song in Tsang Village, Dawo Town, Machen County, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province.

    Created: Thu 11 Feb 2016

Songs from Tha Rgyas

  • 18. Track 18

    Voices: Walzang
    The Left, Right and Middle Mountains, Summer Festival and New Year song.

    Created: Thu 11 Feb 2016

  • 17. Track 17

    Voices: Drolkar and Tsering Palgyi
    Liquor Server, Wedding party song.

    Created: Thu 11 Feb 2016

Songs from Chab mdo

  • 08. Track 8

    This song is entitled ‘On Golden Mountain’.

    Created: Thu 11 Feb 2016

  • 07. Track 7

    This song is entitled, ‘Dancing is Good, Dancing is Wonderful’.

    Created: Thu 11 Feb 2016


Fathers Podcast

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