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Created: 2011-01-31 21:37
Institution: Ridley Hall
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Description: The Moule Memorial Lectures have been held annually in memory of New Testatment scholar Charles Moule since his death in 2007. Charles Moule was the Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity from 1951 to 1976; having trained for ordination at Ridley he later became Ridley Hall's vice-principal. Moule's contribution to New Testament scholarship is still felt today by students of the Theology Tripos for whom Moule's text 'The Origin of Christology' is a key text in any course on christology,

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Jürgen Moltmann: Do you understand what you are reading?


Jürgen Moltmann delivers the 2nd annual Moule Memorial Lecture (2009).

Taking his title from the encounter of Phillip with the Ethiopian Eunuch, Jürgen Moltmann puts this...

Collection: Moule Memorial Lectures

Institution: Ridley Hall

Created: Tue 1 Feb 2011

Richard Bauckham: John a Gospel for Individualists?


Richard Bauckham delivers the third Moule Memorial Lecture (2010). Richard Bauckham was the Professor of New Testament Studies at St Andrews, having retired early he is now the...

Collection: Moule Memorial Lectures

Institution: Ridley Hall

Created: Fri 4 Feb 2011