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Created: 2012-11-29 17:50
Institution: School of the Humanities and Social Sciences
Editors' group: Editors group for "School of the Humanities and Social Sciences".
Description: This information briefing, chaired by Dr Anne Alexander (CRASSH Postdoctoral Forum coordinator), was open to all potential applicants to the British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme,, which supports around 80 two or three year fellowships for postdocs across the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities every year. In previous years the deadline for the first round of applications has been in October or November.

We are most grateful to the speakers for allowing us to record the session for the benefit of those unable to attend.

Each speaker took Q&A immediately after their talk; these are included in that speaker's mp3.

Claire Milner - Cambridge Research Office. Preparing your proposal; electronic submission system for applications; costing of proposals; deadlines for submitting the different stages.(10 minute mp3)

Gillian Weale - Faculty Administrator. Institutional support for your application; role of local administrators.(17 minute mp3)

Matilda Mroz - Current British Academy Fellow. How to put together a good application; choice of referees; moving institutions vs. Staying in the same place
(18 minute mp3).

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